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The Association of the Swiss National Museum (ASNM) supports all the museums, belonging to the «Swiss National Museum», by means of events, which are directed toward a broad public, involving the purchase and donation of important items, for which there is no public funding available.

On the one hand the ASNM supports the museums in their cultural function of collecting, preserving and exhibiting, and on the other, it initiates special exhibitions, which shed light on today's issues in a culturally historical manner. In doing so, we may better understand the times in which we live, history can be digested and introduced into discussion.

In order that the ASNM may continue with its intended work, it requires you, the members, to support our work, both conceptually and financially. In return, you can take advantage of numerous attractive offers as an ASNM member.

The ASNM organizes a very special excursion for its members once a year. They are invited to enter into the spirit of a chosen theme for a day. This excursion leads to authentic scenes, imparts lasting impressions and preserves deepened insights. A piece of cultural history presented for our members.